Some People Talk While Other Take Action

I had one of those ‘lightbulb revelation’ moments handed to me tonight on Twitter by @BenKunz in a way that really illustrated why some people excel in the SM realm.  Ben took a random Twitter suggestion and acted upon it to educate with a great blog post about SEO comment spammers.  The article is a good read, but the path that lead to the new blog post  about SEO comment spammers is the real treasure & trigger.

Ben took a suggestion from a random follower to turn his Tweet into a blog article. He acted upon it immediately and shared the new entry via Twitter within minutes.  That is a real-time demonstration of the power of Social Media.

It was also a gut-check reminder of the differences between those who suggest, advise and provide arm-chair commentary and those who really listen and enact upon feedback.  Some people talk the talk while others take action.

Ben reminded tonight in a clear, professional, and effective way to enact upon communication from the audience.  Nicely done,  for displaying a full SM conversation cycle — informative, instructive SM mentoring & education in action.  A timely reminder that it only takes a few brief moments to put thought about communications into action.


One thought on “Some People Talk While Other Take Action

  1. Very kind of you. I actually wondered whether to put up that post — the company in question probably had no idea it had hired link spammers — but spam on the web is one of my pet peeves.

    The real interesting thing about the Final Footwear tweet, suggestion, blog post and subsequent fallout is if anyone now Googles “finalfootwear” as one word, critiques about its apparent spammy behavior are now the second and fourth organic search results. It shows how all brands, and all of us, must tread fairly online, since human networks are now self-correcting. When people cross lines of perceived fairness, the group communities react. It’s almost a new form of social justice — groups of humans know when something is wrong, and now social media helps them react very clearly with a response.

    Thanks again, was an interesting experience.

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