Secret Sources

If you’re like me and are more of a tech #e20 news aggregator than a true voice, it is important to make an extra effort to find fresh, relevant content for your feed.  In being a good follower, you can also be a link leader. These are a few secret sources often overlooked in favour of easily retweeting other’s finds or work:

  • As you read an interesting blog post, take the time to click through and read the linked articles.  This is one of the simplest ways to find topical research, stats & stories.
  • This often leads to adding content-rich additions to your RSS feeds, resulting in fresh material for future discussion and sharing.
  • If you enjoy a slide presentation, subscribe to the author and traipse through their old presentations.  You’ll often find nuggets of gold.
  • Set up Google News alerts on your area of ability or interest.
  • If you enjoy a particular new follower, read through at least three of their blog articles.
  • Do an image search on ‘infographics’. When you find a graphic that really speaks to the topic, click to the host source and read the articles that go along with it.
  • Start a discussion with the source or retweeter of a an interesting read.  Often, this will lead to a further exchange of ideas and content.
  • If an article posted six months ago still resonates, don’t be afraid to recycle it for fresh followers.

Even if you aren’t a visionary voice, you can still be a valuable resource for knowledge in your field.  Just be an active participant in creative engagement -> it was often said that ‘timing is everything’. In these days of fast and furious feeds, the new cry is ‘content is everything’.

What sources do you use daily beyond your own feed?


One thought on “Secret Sources

  1. […] guess I do use a few ‘tricks’ to make it less work to find quality content. I’ve posted a bit about this before, but I’ll be more specific […]

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