I don’t want a new job, I want a new career as a Demi-Goddess Solution Evangelist

Like many others, I am scanning job postings daily for new opportunities.  Unlike many others, I’m not looking for a new job; I am looking for a new career as a ‘Demi-Goddess Enterprise Solution Evangelist’.

That might sound a bit over-the-top, and perhaps even a bit arrogant, but based on my experience in the past decade, I know that voice is bankable when it is genuine, regardless of what the official job title is. When working with Enterprise solutions, all Sales, Product Management, Development, Professional Services, Support, and Analytics resources could be authentic evangelists, but not all are. 

Enterprise Solution Champions must have these innate talents:

  • Key: a holistic view on enterprise communications – internal & external.
  • They are so enticed by the product/solution that they take it upon themselves to learn it inside & out, because they’re excited about it and want to make it do back-flips and learn the weaknesses.
  • The ideal candidate is someone is fluent in both end-user & Developerese.  Spanning the gap as a liason between the customer and development, moving easily between both audiences with equal understanding of their needs and constraints.
  • A Demi-God/Goddess of Enterprise solutions must juggle multiple balls:
    • First and foremost, they have to ‘get’ enterprise collaboration.  Period.
    • They also either ‘get’ KM, or they don’t.  It isn’t complicated, but you can’t teach it to someone who doesn’t value it.
    • An inherent desire to research, understand, and adhere to technological advances, industry standards, and legal/government statute changes and requirements.
    • A proven ability to build lasting relationships with internal resources, customers, partners, vendors and Leads.
    • An ideal Evangelist is knowledgable about competitors, including their strengths and weakness; able to present clear examples, experience stories and use case studies to management;  high-lighting both strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ solutions, and our own. A Demi-Goddess whips out comprehensive design specs for improvements.
    • Identify areas for efficiency improvement, prepared to demonstrate how to implement strategic changes
    • Understand required analytics and devise a strategy for delivering the right metrics to specific audiences.
      • No mining tools?  Not an issue for a true evangelist as they know the data stores inside & out and will write their own queries to surface the relevent results.
    • Demi-Goddeses are equally comfortable and eloquent in the boardroom addressing the purse-holding decision-maker CFO as they are speaking at trade shows, or engaging with folks on Twitter or Facebook or industry forums.
    • They live & breath Customer Service. Customer Service. Customer Service. (And they should know that ‘customers’ include internal resources, too.)
    • They’re not consultants, or an analysts.  Solution Evangelists are the treasures who understand Enterprise goals for their customers, and for their company.

I’m not looking for a new job.  I’m looking for a new career with a product I can be passionate about, because I’m *that* kind of Solution Evangelist.

If you won’t take my word for it, check out my recommendations on LinkedIn:



One thought on “I don’t want a new job, I want a new career as a Demi-Goddess Solution Evangelist

  1. I like this suggestion – how can we go the extra mile, before there is a problem?

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