My Kind of Thought Leader: An Inspirational Lesson & Perspective Gut-Check from a Japanese Survivor

This is my kind of Thought Leader who truly understands Realtionships.

I saw the most incredible man in one news clip about about the aftermath in Japan. I wish I’d noted the town he was from, but I do recall that it was in one of the Northern-most towns worst hit by the tsunami. His entire village was devastated.

Yet, this hunched little old man was traveling from decimated home to home, digging through the debris for only one thing -> he was salvaging photographs. He held several out to the reporter like the most precious gems and said, “Look! Look at these! This one looks like little children on a kindergarten outing to a fire station. These are what we must recover. They will be treasures for someone if all else is lost.”

I could’ve dove through the tv right then & there to bow deeply before that wise old soul for his wisdom & love for his fellow man.


If I could do a single thing for the people of Japan, I’d travel around like that little wise man and spend my time collecting their real treasures for recovery. Gma’s silk kimonos. Pictures. Hand-crafted art. Great Uncle’s war medals. The human history that can’t be rebuilt or replaced.

The culture.


2 thoughts on “My Kind of Thought Leader: An Inspirational Lesson & Perspective Gut-Check from a Japanese Survivor

  1. Terrific post – emotions and extent of Japan tragedy is portrayed in several photos and videos, with some maintaining that each ‘picture is worth 1,000 words’. I saw that that same news clip, and was also struck with a fierceness of the horrific loss. Photographs have always been the one treasure I would try to salvage for my own life and family. Yes, ‘he gets it’, and wouldn’t be wonderful if at least some of the treasures can be recovered.

    • Brings to mind a lesson learned many years ago that I still use. We keep all the negatives from really special pictures and dvds of converted home videos in the safety deposit box. While we aren’t likely to suffer the type of loss’s Japan has, we’re covered should we every have flood or fire.

      The important stuff is saved for ourselves & future generations. The pictures & the memories.

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