Sing it Out! Add your voice – How do the CRM Idol Contestant Entries Measure Up?

For anyone who has any interest at all in emerging technologies in social business in general, and CRM offerings in particular, it’s time to reap the the benefits of the CRM Idol 2011 contest, by learning what the experts’ initial feedback is and adding your own insights for the Judges’ consideration.

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of CRM Idol since the idea was first launched in the Spring for many reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity for solution shoppers and analysts to tap into Paul Greenberg’s gathered army of industry experts acting as judges, panelists and mentors, for their views on some of the smaller/newer CRM offerings. Patience has paid off and the judges have started to post their concise, candid first reviews of the companies that have presented their wares so far.  This is a valuable contribution to the ecosystem with the joint wisdom of this élite crowd of leaders like Brent Leary, Esteban Kolsky, and Jesus Hoyos,  sharing the highlights and challenges of each, as Paul explains:

“Each review has been signed off by all the CRM Idol Primary Judges – currently for the Americas and in early September for EMEA. So these are all jointly done in effect. They represent a distillation of the understanding of the companies and their products from the principals who did the demos and briefing with us throughout last week and through the end of this week.”

As the judging moves toward the selection of semi-finalists, the panelists will also be reading your comments and opinions on the entries, which will factor in to the eventual choices. Reviews are being posted at a rate of 2-4 daily, so check often, read through them carefully to learn how each company might have solutions for your own clients or business, and speak up with questions and direct experience. It’s a rare opportunity all the way around for anyone who gets involved.  Now it is your turn to take part.

You can find the reviews, weigh in and add your comments on:

Sing it out! Who do you think the CRM Idol semi-finalists should be?

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