About Me

Kelly Craft is the Principal and Founder of AptiSense, an advisory and research consulting group focused on Customer Strategies.  

Kelly has been carrying the torch while pushing the boundaries forward on enterprise optimization for 26 years. She’s a diehard data geek who has earned the respect of many senior executives by sharing her experience, strategies and tactics for understanding the key levers of their businesses.

Kelly has more than 20 years of experience in customer service, CRM, and BPM consulting, research, and strategic advisory services.  Most recently she spent 12 years with Exact Software and their channel partners, focused on Enterprise Collaboration, Customer Service, and CRM implementations. she is an accomplished business leader, management consultant, and respected voice in the CRM/SCRM community of analysts.  She is currently advising organizations and CRM solution vendors on extend customer interactions from the CRM niche to the entire organization in their efforts to become Social Enterprises.

As the director of Product and Business Development for Aptisense, Kelly is bringing that insight to a broad set of customers defining business intelligence architecture to guide organizations in exploring new data concepts, improving knowledge work productivity, and training teams on the impact of pervasive communications, applying and weaving them into operational processes. Building on past successes with customers like Biosensors, Wireless Telecomm Group, Metagenics, Saint-Gobain, Caterpillar Inc., Alltech, and Kolbe Corp., she continues to push boundaries with new data and enterprise technologies.

Kelly brings insight, experience, and an effusion of humanity to her writing, her speaking, her work, and her teams.

Kelly was recently listed as one of the 2013 Customer Service Top 100 twitter accounts by public nomination and then selection by the judges of ICMI Call Center.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, we are looking at Radian6 for our new business in the Carbon Mgmt space and one of my colleagues told me to take a look at NextPrinciples. I noticed from your Tweets that you have been looking at their offering so I wondered if you might be able to reply with a few thought as to how they compare with Radian6?

    • Hi Tom,

      Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I plead holidays as an excuse.

      For the purposes of clarity and disclosure, I have worked directly with the NextPrinciples team several times in the past year fulfilling various Product Management & Marketing tasks, so my perspective is slightly different than that of someone who has simply reviewed the product. Likewise, I’ve implemented Radian6 multiple times and count several of their front-line employees as friends.

      As with any question about different vendors and solutions, the answers are entirely dependent upon your org’s goals and requirements. Rather than compare the two without knowing more about your needs, (and to honour my NDA ;-P) I would recommend that you schedule a demo with satya@nextprinciples.com to view the solution for yourself. I’d be happy to provide an introduction.

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