Testimonials and Recommendations


Position: Senior Consultant – Interactive Technology, Inc.


Nathan Brown      Director of Business Systems at Multi Parts Supply

There are three main qualities that I consider to be the most essential in anyone that I work with: Technical Skill, Honesty, and Passion.

The first two are certainly important for obvious reasons, and there is no doubt that Kelly posses these elements in spades. However, if there is a singular quality that makes Kelly stand apart, it is her overwhelming passion. What this meant for ITI is that she took an active role in making our business better. In fact she took personal responsibility for the satisfaction of our customers. Her work was always completed with enthusiasm and attention to details that showed her level of commitment was beyond that of a normal employee. If it is not obvious, I miss working with Kelly, and I am not the only one. When I have occasion speak to former customers of ours, all of them ask about Kelly. She made a positive impression at ITI, she certainly made a positive impression with our customers; she will make a positive impression wherever she goes.

Nathan managed Kelly at Interactive Technology, Inc.

Aad ‘t Hart            Entrepreneur | Innovator | Technology Expert | User Experience Evangelist | Social Computing Enthusiast

Kelly is a very committed and customer focused consultant. She strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction in her consulting jobs.

… and she takes people out for nice steak dinners..

Aad’t worked with Kelly as a Director of former employer Exact Software and with another company when working with Kelly at Interactive Technology, Inc. 

Joshua Eddy          Consultant at The Attivo Group and Information Technology and Services Consultant

Kelly has exactly the kind of dedication and follow-through that any project manager or consultant should have when assisting with business and software development. In addition to being a valuable resource for information; Kelly has repeatedly, personally taught me valuable tenets of consultancy philosophy and helpful software related tips that demonstrate her thorough knowledge in the relevant areas.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly for any responsibility that requires even the most detailed of project management as she has proved to me on multiple occasions that she can handle that responsibility and see any project to a successful conclusion.

 Joshua was both Kelly’s client with Exact Software and Partner project colleague with Interactive Technology 

Reinald Snik          CEO at Carerix

“Kelly has successfully participated in different teams within Exact Software North America and Exact Software Canada. Kelly is technically very skilled and committed to get the project done within time and budget, and with a high quality standard, Kelly has successfully participated and managed different projects. Kelly is able to bridge between commercial and technically people. It was always a pleasure to work with her.”

Reinald managed Kelly directly at Exact Software and indirectly at Interactive Technology, Inc.

Roger Brown         President at Interactive Technology

I am pleased to recommend Kelly Michaud-Craft. As our lead consultant for a number of years, Kelly demonstrated outstanding technical skills, teaching skills, dedication, and professionalism in her work with our products and our clients. She developed and lead our channel support program. In extra time she expanded our documentation and software testing. Had we not sold our product to our software vendor partner, she would still be performing these tasks and I have no doubt she would still be a strong contributing member of our team. Kelly has our thanks for her work with us and I don’t hesitate to recommend her technical skills, quick learning, personal commitment and tenacity.

Roger was Kelly’s Employer/Manager

Robert Klein         Thought Leadership, Principal Presales Consultant at Exact

I have worked with Kelly on many projects and activities from business requirements analysis, sales solution engineering, implementation, training, product enhancements and technical troubleshooting, Kelly is great at training customers and listening to their needs for User Experience (UX) improvements. She excels at details and so often goes over and beyond when it comes to helping the customer. She is always someone to rely upon when you need answers to difficult questions.

I highly recommend Kelly to be a part of a team that wants to improve customer service and delivery.

Robert was Kelly’s colleague at Exact Software and Partner at Interactive Technology

Steve Eisler           Software Engineer at Red Deer Systems

Kelly has an excellent knowledge of interactive software and the background programs and services that must be correctly configured so that the software will perform properly. She is personable, very easy to work with and will make every effort to be available when support is needed.
I have worked with her many times and she has always been helpful, informed of the latest upgrades and fixes, and ready to assist in solving our software problems.

teve was Kelly’s customer at Exact Software

Angela Peugh       Application Developer at Thirty-One Gifts

I have worked with Kelly for many years. She is a very knowledgeable person in every role I’ve had the pleasure to work with her in. I would recommend Kelly anytime and would love to work with her again in the future.

 Angela was Kelly’s colleague at Exact Software and Customer at Interactive Technology

Dave Kloepfer   Sales Manager at The Donas Group

Kelly provided our clients and myself service above and beyond her expected or required duties. During her time at Interactive Technology, Kelly assisted me with specialized product demonstrations for our clients, troubleshooting computer issues for clients (and my demo machine) and allowed me to bounce ideas back and forth on the functionalities / workarounds of their software. She is very creative and excellent at solving issues.

Prior to her experience at Interactive Technology – she worked very closely with one of our largest clients with Exact Software, as she assisted in a very interesting large Synergy Implementation in the Chicago marketplace. Her experience with this client helped us solve many issues as they became one of the first beta site in North America for the Exact Synergy Field Service application.

I would strongly recommend any Exact Synergy User to contact Kelly for project work.

Dave was with another company when working with Kelly at Interactive Technology, Inc.

Position: Senior Consultant – Exact Software

Bob Stankard     Software Sales and Customer Service – earlier background as CFO

I worked with Kelly on a highly technical financial integration project where the accounting data from 5 back office ERP systems were integrated and consolidated into Exact’s Synergy business collaboration portal. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, highly technical, and easy to work with.

Bob was Kelly’s colleague at Exact Software and partner/customer at Interactive Technology

Eric Parks             C# Software Engineer

Kelly and I worked in the same group when I first started at Exact Software. Kelly knew our software products very well and helped me work through many issues. Becoming an expert requires a lot of dedication. Kelly willingly took the extra time and effort to learn all the products and she took a leadership role in recommending the rest of us do the same. She is widely known as an expert in our products, and was frequently sought out for her guidance and knowledge even after leaving the company.

Eric worked directly with Kelly at Exact Software

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