Some People Talk While Other Take Action

I had one of those ‘lightbulb revelation’ moments handed to me tonight on Twitter by @BenKunz in a way that really illustrated why some people excel in the SM realm.  Ben took a random Twitter suggestion and acted upon it to educate with a great blog post about SEO comment spammers.  The article is a good read, but the path that lead to the new blog post  about SEO comment spammers is the real treasure & trigger.

Ben took a suggestion from a random follower to turn his Tweet into a blog article. He acted upon it immediately and shared the new entry via Twitter within minutes.  That is a real-time demonstration of the power of Social Media.

It was also a gut-check reminder of the differences between those who suggest, advise and provide arm-chair commentary and those who really listen and enact upon feedback.  Some people talk the talk while others take action.

Ben reminded tonight in a clear, professional, and effective way to enact upon communication from the audience.  Nicely done,  for displaying a full SM conversation cycle — informative, instructive SM mentoring & education in action.  A timely reminder that it only takes a few brief moments to put thought about communications into action.