Intermission is Over – And A Twitter Homecoming

I never did get around to putting up the message that I would be

for an extended span of months, but I’m chuffed being on the other side of the intermission.  My first twenty-four hours back in the zone have been filled with inspiration, tasty brain candy, laughter and a surprisingly warm Twitter homecoming. When I opened TweetDeck for the first time in months to play catch-up, little did I know the treasures I’d find. 

The first gem was in learning that @BlogBrevity, a Thought Leader DJ, will be speaking at TWTRCon SF10. Angela is a powerful communicator who understands crowd concepts and conversations – they’re lucky to have her. 

It was stimulating to also check in with @Brainzooming, a guy worth his weight in diamonds when it comes to inspiration, especially when I need a rocket tied to my behind to get back to blogging. Mike oozes creativity writing about or sharing juicy goodies that feed all of my pet passions like collaboration, innovation and dryer lint. Never a dull moment learning more about corporate strategy, or discussing spray-tanning’s impact on the love of the colour orange. 

I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy Twitter and the exchange of ideas with people like Angela and Mike, plus many other interesting brains like these sparkling jewels that I follow:

Damn it’s good to back among the living, and the sharing.  Catching up on my feed was like walking into Aladdin’s cave.  Riches in heaps & piles!