Learning by example…

Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m a Social Media neophyte.

Luckily, this student has had a few serendipitous encounters with several experts willing to share their knowledge – teaching by example.  I’d like to introduce you to several of the thought-leaders that have recently mentored me (whether they knew it or not,) in sifting through mountains SM information to find the real precious jewels of education.

The first, Chris Jones, is a master collaborator.  I don’t even recall how I met Chris on Twitter, but I’m grateful that I did.  As the founder of #smchat, #e20ws, and #ecosys Chris has rallied social media innovators and leaders as active contributors in weekly twitter chats to define the principles, discuss the modes and assess outcomes of Social Media. The workshops are lively, informative and thought provocative for all – expert or newbie.

Aside from the obvious knowledge imparted, the act of using many SM tools in order to inspire collaboration like this is an education and demonstration of the power of social media in itself.  Chris helps to surface prizes on the SM treasure hunt.

Another stunning example of an expert practicing what he preaches can be found on TheJordanRules. Jordan is an accomplished Digital Strategist with an enviable client list – and the most graphically pleasing blog I have seen.  It is sharp and edgy with clean, crisp graphics. 

Even more appealing than the look of the blog, the content is consistently peppered with examples, questions and instruction that is knowledge-driven, not opinion oriented.  It is like visiting a diamond mine filled with the highest quality gems like this ‘ Review of the Importance of Social Media Management‘.

These are just two of the SM thought-leaders that I’ve been fortunate to be a student of recently.  I’d recommend both to the SM experts out there, too.